WardKraft Ship Station

An innovative package that includes a Toshiba DB-EA4D printer for two-sided thermal label printing, WardKraft’s automated label peeler optimized for the Toshiba DB-EA4D, and Minisoft’s eFORMz forms and label generation solution


WardKraft Peeler in Action

Toshiba DB-EA4D Printer

The Toshiba DB-EA4D is a direct thermal, duplex label printer optimized for DuplexPackSlip® labels.


WardKraft Peeler

When the DuplexPackSlip® label prints, the WardKraft Peeler automatically removes the label liner from the label. The label is taken from the printer and applied to the shipment.


Minisoft eFORMz

Minisoft’s eFORMz integrates DuplexPackSlip® labels with any WMS, ERP or order management system. eFORMz captures print output from these systems and formats it for printing on a DuplexPackSlip® label.